January 31, 2013

Night time

I don't know where this came from but little miss Sadie recently has a new thing for bed time and morning. Memories!!!

When I say its time for bed she says "the sun is down" yes Sadie the sun is down (she thinks the moon is the sun down) ... When she wakes up she says "good morn" and stretches. When I try to get her to take a nap she goes to the window and says "no mom the sun is up, its good morn"

So note to self don't move to Alaska or we will never be on a good sleeping schedule.

January 15, 2013

New year 2013

This year is our best year yet.... I can feel it! So I'll leave you with some pics!

Shout out to Instagram for inspiring me to take more and more pics. And the story about through a kid's eyes you are their mom not overweight, ugly, or flawed.... so here's to being in more pics and creating memories no matter what!

December 19, 2012

Tragedy Heard Around The World

My heart hurts for those who lost family members, friends and neighbors and for the town of Newtown, CT. What a day it was and how it has changed our country. I hope out of this our society steps up and makes changes to have steps to prevent this moment from ever replaying itself.

I have been thinking about what I can do that may be small but do something to benefit the people around me each and everyday. Something that doesn't cost my anything, since at these times a lot of people are pinching pennies.

So I thought... How about telling your family you LOVE them every single day. AND Maybe all those people need is a smile from a complete stranger.

And I ask you to join me... smile at one stranger passing by everyday.

Who knows what this will accomplish but for each one of us who does it, we ourselves will smile one more time then we usually do and maybe that's all we need too! And it is usually always returned with a smile...

This world needs more smiles!!

Thankfulness Part Two

I am thankful for...
Nov 11- Freedom, I am so glad to live in this country for the free.
Nov 12- Memories, I love looking through old pictures and being able to see all the wonderful experiences and people I've had in my life.
Nov 13- Babysitters and Daycare people that have been there for Sadie and our family. There is nothing greater than knowing my child is well looked after.
Nov 14- Jobs, although I dont have a job right now, when I have one its such a blessing and makes me feel so great.
Nov 15- Health, What a blessing.
OK with moving to Arizona I didn't finish but I am so blessed!

November 11, 2012

November Thankfulness Part One

On Facebook everyone is posting things they are thankful for every single day. Instead I am saving them on my blog and posting them every week.

I am thankful for...
Nov 1. My Sadie girl she is my heart and makes me the happiest and luckiest mom EVER.
Nov 2. Daryl he puts the smile on my face and supports me through the good and hard times.
Nov 3. My siblings.. Clint&Lindsay they mean so much to me and are always there for me. Our family may not be perfect but the love between my siblings is undeniable. We would do anything for each other. My sister-in-law Tracy the best thing that happened to my brother and always being there for me. My step-brothers Rafael&Felipe for bring a new prospective to my life.
Nov 4. My nephews.. Jace&Ryder&Jett I love those boys sooooo much and am so lucky to have the most handsome, loving, happy little boys in my life!
Nov 5. My parents.. after all they brought me into this crazy world. They both taught me different things, good and bad, that has molded me into the person I am.
Nov 6. My right to vote, even if my vote doesn't matter.
Nov 7. My beliefs, The Lord.. he is the person to look to through thick and thin. He is always there, even when I may forget it and welcomes me back as if nothing happened.
Nov 8. Friends, there are a few people I can call my true friends and they mean the world to me!
Nov 9. My life experiences. Each and every one of my experiences have made me into the person I am today. The wonderful ones and the worst ones.
Nov 10. My Education. Although I am not a fan of homework, I do enjoy learning things about life and situations. I hope to use my education to make changes in the world.

November 3, 2012

Pros and Cons of Moving

1. The distance away from Lindsay&Grandma. We will miss them! ALOT!
2. Losing Heather&Martin&family as Sadies daycare providers. We completely LOVE them like family. This month it has been 2 years since she started. She has been going every week for 2 years. They are her second family and will be completely missed!!
3. Friends, there are a few people that will be completely missed they have been there for Sadie and I.
4. Our doctors are the most amazing people and its hard to come by those kind of doctors.
5. Sadie was born in St. George.
6. Something coming to an end.
7. Leaving Lindsay... again I know but seriously a piece of my heart will be gone.

1. Daryl will for sure be coming home to us.
2. Get to be closer with Grandpa, Nara, Uncles, Aunt and Cousins.
3. Be near some good friends
4. A new start
5. Home sweet Home <3
6. Better job market
7. I get my favorite hair dresser back, only eye brow waxer back, favorite nail people back!
8. There are tons of the same store, so if one doesn't have an item there is one not too far away.
9. No daylight savings time.. no clock changes.

Excited to move on to Arizona but sad to leave Utah. A piece of my heart will always be in St. George where Sadie was born, Lindsay lives and Sadie started to grow up. But Arizona is always home for me and I hope it becomes our home for a long long time.
11 days til the big move day. 13 days til living in Arizona!!! Heres to a new adventure!

September 22, 2012

Lessons to Learn

I feel so blessed at this moment in my life. I have been struggling to find out what is it that I should be doing in life. A lot of options were being discussed. One thing that was really important to everyone around me was I need to be happy and focus on myself for once in my life. That begged the question.. Should we move back to Arizona or stay in Utah, we decided we should move back to Arizona. Then it was decided but when should we do this? We decided it would be best to wait til summer of 2014 right before Sadie goes into school and so she wont be taken away from her daycare provider she has had for over 2 years. We made the decision and we were going to have two years to prepare for the move.

Then Tuesday I was let go from my job. It all came crashing down, that was our income. A couple nights before all the plans to move in two years were decided. Why did this happen now? I've never lost a job and had no clue how to cope with that lost. We relied on that income, the work I did made me happy and I just had to walk away? I spent days trying to figure out how to be ok with it, that I wouldn't walk in there everyday anymore.

Now on Saturday I feel so blessed. I don't always know what is right for myself but I am being guided and sent in a new directions. I always tell myself that everything happens for a reason, even when it may not seem that way. I had been saving money for emergencies and I am so glad that is something I strongly believe should be a priority in all families. Because now this emergency doesn't feel like an emergency but a blessing. Of course it comes with stress but the level of stress is down a couple levels. It is important to be prepared for the future and it was testified to me through this experience.

It is a sign saying "go down this road, not later but NOW". Since I am still in school we have to wait til December but it is what feels right and I couldn't be more excited to start over again and go back to what I know more than ever is right. Now I have a couple months to focus on me, focus on my health and exercise, focus on school, focus on my relationship between Sadie and I, and most of all find out what makes me happy.

Through this experience lessons have been learn, now I am noting them and will remember them. Being prepared is key.

Things happen for a reason and this is the place I am suppose to be and the things I need to focus on. There is no doubt about that. I am blessed. So blessed. Just completely blessed.

September 9, 2012

Catching up

Sadie loves horses, she started gymnastics and is potty trained! She turned three and we moved into a new house! Loving life!!

December 26, 2011

Christmas -two zero one one-

Christmas this year was fun because Sadie was at a great age where she could open presents and knew how to by herself. Not to mention all the gifts she can play with!

She loved helping Lindsay with gifts.

On our way to Grandmas for christmas
What Sadie's Christmas looked like
Seeing the Christmas Tree with presents
Her table
Baby dolls
Baby bed
She was so funny, she sat in the baby bed. When it was nap time I said get your blanket for nap time and she said ok and said in here and pointed to the baby bed. She was disappointed when she had to go in her bed!
Baby Stroller
Cleaning Set
Shrek Christmas movie to add to her collection, Shrek 1-4 and Shrek Halloween.
A purse!
A barbie
Tooth brush and paste set

We had a very merry christmas, Sadie opened a present played and played then opened another. She loves all her gifts and it was such a great day!!

December 2, 2011

We're still here...

....Just extremely busy! But that is a good thing!

I started a new job in October and its another sales position, I have been working 40 hours a week and still going to school. Sadie goes to daycare more and still loves it. We have found some wonderful people to watch Sadie so we dont have any situation on our hands.

One day she went to a new daycare for just a couple hours and a kid scratched her face up completely, it has healed up so great but it made me so sad when I seen it.

But now we have a back up babysitter who takes such good care of her. Today she painted her nails, made cookies and had so much fun!

We are so completely blessed to have such amazing people watching our little princess while we arent able to.

For Halloween ms. Sadie was Cinderella

She loved getting candy from people, even if she doesnt eat it and just looks at it.

Now we are on to Christmas, Sadie LOVES the lights. Whenever we are driving she says "look mom" "theres some more" everytime we see some.

We dont have a lot going on right now other then the normal but Sadie is now saying sentences and has her momma's attitude. She loves so much, so many hugs and kisses. Her favorite thing is babies she loves her baby dolls, she changes their diapers, gives them bottles and puts them in bed with a blanket. She is going to be a great big sister when that time comes around in 5 more years!

With all the daily struggles we are getting by one day at a time and that is all we can ask for. Thanksgiving past and I am so thankful for Daryl and Sadie that keep my life exciting and keep my heart full with love. With Christmas coming I look forward to cherishing them more and more and hopefully the new year will bring some wonderful things to our little family.

Until my next post, hopefully sooner than later.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012!


September 19, 2011


The last couple months have been a change- hard and crazy! I am jobless and still looking for a job, it really is quite difficult. I have never ever in my life went more than 1 month looking for a job in my entire life. I could get one so easily. Since moving to Utah and the economy taking its fall, it is so not easy. It makes me so upset when I see people complaining about working, yet I use to be one of those people. I can not wait til I have a job and I will not complain about having to go to work ever again, it truly is a blessing in life and I will accept it once it comes.

Sadie is growing bigger than ever. She goes to daycare only 2 days a week now. She loves going and playing and doing her preschool class so it was better to keep her in a couple times a week. She is talking so much and anytime I am on the phone she wants to say hi. I love having days to be with her all day long. We go to so many places and her favorite is getting ice cream! We are so blessed to been given little ms. Sadie in our life and we are so grateful for the things in life we do have and the love our little family has. (Sadie is still a HUGE daddy's girl, its actually getting ten times more)

I am currently in school again this semester and my classes are extremely difficult. Like all at once, really? That just means work even harder. And I am trying new meals, like fried chicken but instead chicken with cornflake breading. Were trying to eat healthier and I am working out.. its time to get rid of the baby weight *cough* its been 2 years, I know!

And the best things about blog posts.. pictures of the princess!

Hat by Posh-Blvd (info on bottom)
Steelers <3

Clips, Bows, Hats, and More.. go look!